Age: 56

Height: 1.72

Vertical Jump: 2.40

3-Step Vertical Jump: ?

Block Jump Reach: ? 

Dominant Hand: Left

Position: Setter


Memorable moment: Winning our first ever Scottish Cup tie against NL Beakon. Travelled with 6, played out of our skins. Everything seemed to just click, including my ankle in final set. 

Moment to forget: Apple sours!

Greatest achievement: Part of the Arbroath squad to win inter district mens at Carnoustie 2003.

Most admired player: Brian Clark

Favourite tip:never plant yer tatties in the summer’

Goals: Be playing volleyball at 57

Memorable Billy moment: So many!


Age: 29 biologically but feels more like 49

Height: 6:3

Vertical Jump: Not very high

3-Step Vertical Jump: A little higher than my vertical

Block Jump Reach: I can’t block or reach very well 

Dominant Hand: Right

Position: Middle

Memorable moment: Converting from a basketball player trying to play volleyball to a volleyball player trying to play volleyball.

Moment to forget: Being hit in the face while attempting to block, poor technique!

Greatest achievement: As a former international basketball player I am fortunate enough to have many achievements and memories. However within volleyball my greatest achievement is, on court, playing national league division 1 for the first time this year with DVC and off court, is becoming AVC’s club development officer and helping the club grow from strength to strength.

Most admired player: Billy chicken wing Neish

Favourite quote: Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.”

Goals: As a player my goal is to improve and develop my game and try to secure a regular position at national league level. My off court goals are to develop my coaching skills through completing coaching awards and continue to develop AVC and the sport within our area.

Memorable Billy moment: The famous talc storms!

ABOUT USAbout_AVC.html


Age: 23

Height: 1.80

Vertical Jump: Upwards

3-Step Vertical Jump: Upwards in the net

Block Jump Reach: Depends of the gender of the opposing hitter 

Dominant Hand: Right

Position: Middle / Outside Hitter

Memorable moment: First game for AVC still as a "guest" and twisted my ankle badly!

Moment to forget: Every single time I served in the net to give up the set. Way too humiliating!

Greatest achievement: In my Volleyball career - nothing worth mentioning. Have been playing too many different kinds of sports to achieve high goals in any of them but if I have to name one it would be joining the AVC, it`s something I can be truly proud of!

Most admired player: Colin McEvoy

Favourite quote: "Single doesn't mean Available."

Goals: Sharpen my skills, improve the technique and help AVC achieve it`s targets.

Memorable Billy moment: His "Can You Dig It" T-shirt


Age: 34

Height: 1.68

Vertical Jump: ?

3-Step Vertical Jump: ?

Block Jump Reach: ?

Dominant Hand: Right

Position: Outside Hitter

Memorable Billy moment: Many


Age: 18

Height: 1.79

Vertical Jump: ?

3-Step Vertical Jump: ?

Block Jump Reach: ?

Dominant Hand: Right

Position: Setter

Memorable moment: School trip to Germany and living with family there.

Moment to forget: Mushrooms

Greatest achievement: When I was 9 years old I got a medal in Karate Competition

Most admired player:

Favourite quote: “Practice perfect today, play like a champion tomorrow!”

Goals: Improve my setting skills


Age: 40

Height: 1.72 (as far as I can recall)

Vertical Jump: No idea whatsoever!

Dominant Hand: Right

Position: Used to be setter when I played for York, but now middle hitter (allegedly)

Memorable moment: Playing in a prison for York VC as part of the league - took ages to get through security beforehand

Moment to forget: Most of my attempts at hitting that round thing

Greatest achievement: Finding the time to play!

Most admired player: Brian, for his canny little tricks!

Favourite tip: When I went to my first training session in Cambridge, the coach told me that when I was trying to set the ball, I should imagine I was ‘holding a pair of womens...’. Never forgot that random introduction to the world of volleyball

Goals: To become far more consistent and accurate with my hitting

NICOLA McKENZIE  Outside spiker

I have been playing for 5 years now, I started playing at school and moved to Arbroath then shortly onto my first season of national league at Dundee volleyball club. I then went to the UK School games at Cardiff in 2009 and at Newcastle in 2010. After my second UK School games I was involved in the Scotland Junior squad where I went to Belgium to compete in my first competition. We came 4th in our final pool. I then got my first official cap for Scotland Juniors in 2011 against England at Sheffield. That summer I started playing beach volleyball and myself and Lucy Wishart who also plays for Arbroath went down to Bournemouth to compete in the Sandbanks festival. In our age group we came 2nd. In late 2011 I was selected for Scotland under 18s to compete in the European Small Nations Championship qualifier in January in Malta! We qualified 2nd in our group and made it to the finals in Cyprus in April 2012 where we won a silver medal! That year I was also asked to be part of the Scotland senior squad. I was captain of the juniors when we went to Ireland to play some bounce games. 

In 2013 I played my first proper season of beach volleyball and I won the tour. I am now part of the senior Scotland squad and I am looking to get my first cap in the coming seasons. 

My sporting hero is Andy Murray, I am a massive fan and I'm inspired by his commitment to sport.



BILLY NEISH silver fox

Age: Close to the age of my favourite sauce (ketchup!!)

Height: 5’10”

Vertical Jump: Now and again.

3-Step Vertical Jump: On a good day!

Block Jump Reach: Sometimes if there is a “springy floor”

Dominant Hand: Right but also ambidextrous

Position: Setter

Memorable moment: Winning a Medal at a Volleyball Tournament . Still has pride of place on top of my TV.

Moment to forget: Ending up in A & E in Ninewells Hospital after a match at RAF Leuchars Air Base to get a cut stitched ( They decided to glue it instead !)

Greatest achievement: A successful “BLOCK” at the net and watching the volleyball hit the floor on the opposite side of the net (for a change!).

Most admired player: Nicola McKenzie.

Favourite quote: “Always look on the bright side of Life.”

Goals: To get a serve beyond the attack line on the oppositions side of the Court. To improve my accuracy when setting the volleyball (off the net!) to set up the attack for the spike. To be still playing in our Pensioner Team in a few Years.

Memorable Billy moment: Playing Volleyball in a Fancy dress costume as a  Dalmatian dog.


Age: 35 but feel much younger!

Height: 1.85

Vertical Jump: 2.60 if not tired

3-Step Vertical Jump: 2.75

Block Jump Reach: usually get my hands above the net!

Dominant Hand: Right

Position: Middle

Memorable moment: Can't remember right now. There was a few but celebrations after always got out of hand!

Moment to forget: None. Good drink wipes out all the bad brain cells.

Greatest achievement: I haven't played volleyball for long so I'm still waiting for a great one.

Most admired player: I admire everyone from our team that show up every sunday evening and give it their best! Aw shucks!


Age: Changes daily

Height: Could be taller

Vertical Jump: Not high enough

3-Step Vertical Jump: As above

Block Jump Reach: Just high enough to get my hands above the net

Dominant Hand: Left

Position: Setter

Memorable moment: Happy faces when players  achieve their goal, to win points,  win sets,  win games and feel they have achieved.

Moment to forget: Knee injuries. Cartlidge and Ligament damage. Keeping me sidelined for too long.

Greatest achievement: Still playing and being part of a very successful club. But the greatest achievement must have been to convert two basketball players, including Colin McEvoy into volleyball players.

Most admired player: Not a player, but a coach – my old P.E. teacher, Peter Couper, the man who gave me volleyball.

Favourite Quote: “Life is like a box of chocolates”

Goals: To keep playing until my body says NO.

Memorable Billy moments: Seeing that Dalmation! The Funky Chicken shot and many more moments stemming back over a number of years playing in Montrose and to the present day with AVC.