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Christmas Tournament & Toy Appeal

Well done team Snow Leopard!

Just edging out fellow Dundee Uni team  Panthers in a closely fought final.

Two large tables of toys were presented to a couple of very grateful nurses from The Ninewells Paediatric Ward, a great effort folks! There were raffle prizes for almost everyone (who got Petes free range eggs?), and free cookies and doughnuts for those that got there before Bill.

Huge thanks to Brian for yet again managing to organise the hoard into two section round robins, crossovers and final.

And a big up to Arlene and Colin, for their tireless work behind the scenes that made this event successful. Not a small task!

Last but not least, AVC would like to thank Angus & Dundee District Volleyball Association for their support.  


Any club member wishing to purchase a team kit can buy at Kitlocker web site HERE The kit range is, Errea Adult Blackpool Maroon/White. See Bob and the club will pay for your number, name and AVC logo printing.

New fixtures, new format

Division 1 split into 2 sections, longer game times and a cup competition, will make this a very interesting start to the volleyball year. The new fixture list takes us up to early March and although all matches are played in Dundee, we should manage a couple of sessions at The Saltire in between.

Check out, print out, memorise the fixtures here- http://addva.co.uk/forms.php

And well worth getting familiar with the rules below-

Rules for 2nd half of the ADDVA season

•Each team will play against the other teams only once this half of the season

•All games will now be played to the best of 3 full sets or 45 minutes.

•The refereeing team is responsible for the score sheets being present and filled in correctly. Each team will referee 1 set of fixtures.

•Each team is allowed a maximum of 1 time out per set.

•Substitutes should be ready to go on court when called upon

•In the 3rd set teams remain on the side of the net they finished on but serve will pass.

•When refereeing each team must provide 2 line judges and 1 referee as a minimum to manage 2 sets of games taking place simultaneously.

•Point deductions will remain as first half of the season with 1 league point deducted for incomplete teams, referees not being supplied and score sheets incomplete or incorrectly filled out.

Rules for cup fixtures

•The first set of fixtures will be played in the normal set up with 3 teams playing each other over 2 hours with 30 minute games.

•The winning team from each group will automatically go through to knockout stages.

•The best scoring runners up from the 3 groups will also go through to knockout stages.

•Once the knockout games begin the rules will change to a full 2 hour game or the best of 5 sets. The winning team will go through to the finals at the AGM.

All other playing rules to be the same as the league after the split at the knockout stages.



A good first session last Sunday and a healthy turn out of 16 puffed their way through a couple of hour of drills. Thanks for taking it easy on us Lucy.

With only a few weeks left at Saltire before the league program starts Jan 26th, I hope everyone can take advantage of this valuable training time.

We missed you Sunday Tim, get well soon!

Mens Regional League

First training session StJohns HS, Wednesday Jan 15. 7-9pm.

Hope you can all make StJohns next week for training and team selection.

Fixtures have already been drawn up by The SVA, the first is ADDVA 1 v ADDVA 2. Very likely to be played at Menzieshill on Sunday Jan 19th 4-6pm so check you calendar guys.